About us

We are an engineering office specialised in hydroelectricity.

As engineering consultants, we support the hydropowerplant owner and operator in the modernisation or the construction of hydroelectric power-plants from the beginning to the end of the project. Suiting your needs, we provide services regarding the appraisal of hydro-power potential, feasibility studies, hydrology, technical design, permit applications, contracting and project management.

The plant is designed to meet the operator's requirements, the current environmental regulations and the requirements of the authorities. Early on, during the feasibility study, the most technically, environmentally and economically suitable solution for the site is determined. During the draft and approval planning phase, the project is detailed and the application for the permit is submitted. During the detailed design and the contract awarding process, the plant is planned in depth and sensible construction companies are selected so that the construction phase runs smoothly. As technical project managers, we facilitate the connection between the client and the authorities as well as between all contracted companies.

We offer private operators, companies, municipalites and local governments the necessary services for a successful hydropower project.